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The Benefits of a Past Life / This Life Regression

Connecting with the Crystalline Grids in Arkansas
Past Life / This Life Regression
“A Bridge to the Subconscious”


“A Bridge to the Subconscious”

I felt that this would be an important topic to talk about. I know right now there are many people that may be having issues come up that they may not know the origin of where the problem has started. Many of us are not accustomed to think in this direction, even those of us who are consciously on the path of self awareness. Did you know that it is possible that a vow that you made in another lifetime may actually affect you in this lifetime? That’s how powerful each and every one of us is. Sometimes even physical problems and illnesses can stem from an unresolved issue from another lifetime, if we didn’t fully heal it then. I have seen many different lifetimes that I have lived and also seen the effects after healing myself of unresolved feelings towards the decisions I made at that time or even the experiences I have had with the people in those lifetimes. It really does have the ability to heal this present lifetime. In my heart I find the results are absolutely phenomenal! The truth is that even vows that we made in this lifetime can truly hold us back. Did you know that just by saying “I will NEVER....do.... THIS again!” can become a vow that restricts you in moving forward? Very often the part of us that made that decision was the child aspect of us or the teenager part of us. The parts of us that on some level felt powerless and such, think about it? If you were young and making this decision, you made this decision while in the care of a parent or guardian who perhaps may have had a pretty firm control over your whole existence at the time. That child or adolescent felt that it was the right thing to decide and perhaps at that time it WAS. But now, it can prevent you from having some wonderful things happening in your present life as an adult that is free to make other decisions and/or live life the way they wish too. Sometimes we may even carry over the feelings that our parents were experiencing when they were carrying us or as they have given birth to us. We are truly sensitive beings. I recently studied about a biologist name Bruce Lipton, PhD. (Hay House author), he was saying that in our years from 0-6 we are like sponges and just take in all of the stimuli around us and absorb it like it is OUR program. He also informed us that even if we make a decision to re-program at the conscious level, we still could have some subconscious programming that may be contradicting all of the conscious programming that we are working so hard at doing. In my heart, I feel that so much can be shifted and changed when we move into these deeper levels and find out what could be blocking us. Whether a past life or in this life (in the past), the results are amazing.  

I am going to give you an example of one of the lives that I experienced and show you how amazing it was to see how it affected this lifetime. I was going with a man and I was shown many lifetimes I had experienced with him. All of the loving ones seemed to just flow through and had a sense of completion within them. Then I was shown a lifetime that we had that had some horrible things that happened to us and it was amazing because that dynamic was happening in this lifetime as well; the exact same energy, with the same characters and even with the same response from him. I know for a fact that I could go in and change the events that had happened before and there will be a healing in this lifetime so I DID it for myself! The only problem was the fact that I couldn’t seem to get him to come! I tried, and I tried and I couldn’t seem to get him to come. On some level he had so many beliefs (in this life time and in that one) that he would not allow himself to be freed. The physical results in this lifetime were absolutely amazing. I really was set free by all of the characters in this life after the healing but he remained and was stuck in his limitations. In that life and in this one too!! I know because I was there and with him throughout it all. It was a really interesting experience for me, I have to admit it was hard to have a solution and know that the other person would not accept it. The truth is that we separated very soon after; the dynamic was not beneficial for me at all because I had moved forward and for him, it took him almost four years to move through that energy and free himself, so to speak. This just goes to show you how powerful we are and with great awareness, a little courage and some powerful energy you can change anything.

Since then, I have seen many other lifetimes and have healed many of them and it has resulted in wonderful things in my reality. As for the ones who I experienced those lifetimes with, it truly depended. Some received healing effects because they were ready to take the responsibility and others never did anything to improve, in that life or in this one. We can only take a healing as far as all concerned are willing to go. I do feel the power within them is indescribable and the long term results are immeasurable.

 Note* There are many different methods to reprogram the unconscious, subconscious mind. The ones I feel that have given the best results vary per individual. One can use energy, angelic support, crystals, theta waves, hypnosis (I have used all of these and more) and many other methods as well. It is really important to follow your guidance and intuition when moving to and through any of these avenues. Healing is a very personal experience and must be viewed on a personal level.



This is a recent interview with Bruce Lipton, PhD.

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