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"Moving Through The Portal" 

 As We Complete 2012

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Dear Perfect Rose Friends!
"Moving Through The Portal" As We Complete 2012

Taking a Leap In Consciousness
When: Thursday November 29th,
Wednesday December 5th, 2012,
Wednesday December 12th, 2012
Wednesday December 19th, 2012
 Time: 7:00 pm EST to 9:00pm EST

      I am sure many of you are feeling the effects if the energies as we are transitioning through this 2012 year and as it is coming closer to the end of the year you may be feeling the effects of the energies increasing.   I am sure many of you have been feeling like your life is moving in a different direction. Some of you may have physical symptoms (view list) of this energy shift and others may be moving through health, emotional and or actual loss of significant people and things that have been a big part of your life.  As for some of you; your gifts (view list) have expanded or your urge to grow spiritually and understand the esoteric has increased but perhaps you don't know where to start or how to even articulate or explain it to anyone; even yourself!

     In my heart I believe we are moving through a portal and the potential is there to use the energy to allow us to consciously get rid of more energetic baggage (from this life time and perhaps even others) that will make the transition a little smoother for all of us.  I have had many clients waking up to their gifts and going through these changes and many of them live all over the world which can make it difficult for them to come to a class with me or experience my work in person.  Perhaps finances may be preventing them from coming as well.  Whatever the reason it isn't important anymore; I have clearly received guidance that it may be very beneficial for me to offer a teleconference series that will be affordable and beneficial for anyone wishing to grow and expand their consciousness and find more peace in their lives as we move through the transition.

Physical Changes:
1) Heart Palpitations
2) Dizziness
3) Depression
4) Headaches
5) Sleep Issues (more or not enough)
6) Emotional Issues (sadness, anger, fear,
etc., coming up to the surface)
7) Ringing in The Ears (usually right side)

Gifts Expanding:
1) Psychic Abilities (intuition is getting clearer)
2) Expansion of your Clairvoyance (visits from passed
 on loved ones; more than before; seeing things from the peripheral)
3) Clairaudience: Audible Messages (warnings, positive guidance, etc.)
4) Claircognizance: Knowing things are going to happen before they do (whole ideas)
5) Clairsentience:  Feeling things are going to happen or others feelings more than you were aware of before.

     I have recently been given instruction by my guides and angels to create a series that will last over a 4 week period that may assist many of you while you are going through this transition. 
It will start around the Full Moon and end just before the Winter Solstice.  The angels wanted me to kick start this series with their assistance so they can have permission to work with you during the whole period of time that we will be doing the series.

    The calls will range from 11/2 to 2 hours in length (depending on what I am instructed to share and who is guided to work with me). They will start at 7:00pm EST and end between 8:30 and 9:00 pm EST.  Also, depending on the amount of time left; we may use the end of the call to have a brief question and answer period.  I have decided to create a list of the things that will be covered and you can decide if this would benefit you.

Teleconference Topics

1) A Powerful Angel Therapy session with All of the Archangels that I have been working with for over 10 years now!

2) A Past Life/This Life Regression which will be working with the subconscious mind to heal and uncover any hidden issues that may be blocking your progress.

3)   A Karma Clearing exercise to assist in undoing any Karmic blocks that may still be affecting your life and progress on your spiritual journey.

4) St. Germaine asked me to share the Violet Flame Transmutation to assist in healing ourselves and the planetary vibrations.

5) A powerful forgiveness process to assist in freeing ourselves and our loved ones.

6) A Future Life Progression to bring you to the highest potential future reality for you as an individual and also as a part of a collective group!

7) Anything else I am guided an instructed to do during that period of time.

Class Fee:  The cost for one class is $25.00 but if you choose to purchase the series it will be a onetime fee of $80.00 (which can be paid through Pay Pal, e-transfer). 

Do to the nature of the call and perhaps some may only choose to participate in one or more of them; I will be providing the number the day of the call and it will change with each call.
** For those who may want to take the course and may have financial concerns I urge you to get in touch with me and see if something can be arranged that would be the highest good for all concerned.

Please Click Here to find out about all of the exciting classes and promotions available for you to participate in and grow with!

 Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Practitioner Certification Course 

IET Instructor Training November 30th December 1st and 2nd, 2012!!! (Spaces are limited)

IET is a practice anyone can do! You will be taught how to feel and interpret energy flow, clear energy patterns in yourself and others, and unlock the soul's fullest and most authentic expression of Itself. These classes will provide a framework for you to work with yourself or others as a channel of light to release dysfunctional emotions and beliefs, and integrate powerful energies that help to support and expand the capacity to manifest. These IET training classes are powerful, transformational days of self-healing. You will learn the scientific correlation of primary human emotions and specific physical regions of the body: an effective method that uses the IET cellular memory map to clear blocks on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Use IET with yourself, your family and your friends. Expand a practice you already have or see how you can create a new practice.

All participants receive a fully illustrated training guide and are full certified IET practitioners at each level completed.

In this weekend you are welcome to take Basic, Intermediate, Basic & Intermediate or ALL Three Levels!!!

 It's truly up to you! Click Here


Bring a Friend for $50

October / November / December 2012

Rose will be offering Psychic and Angel Readings for only $50 for a recorded up to 30 minute session if you come with a friend or for couples :) (Normally a $65 value). This is a great way to experience Rose's work and have a day out with a loved one!

Offer is valid only for in person readings. To reserve a spot readings must be paid for ahead of time.

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 Healing Hump Days

On the every second Wednesday of every month Rose will be offering healing sessions for only $60 per hour! This is a great way for you to get to experience a healing with Rose and for you to feel the benefits of healing energy.

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I am proud to announce the release of my first E-Book about the Archangels (click on image to view) that can be used on its own to connect with the angels or also combined with other products I have been guided and instructed to create. This is a pretty exciting project and I feel it will serve many. The angels have instructed me to ask anyone who has benefited from my work to consider purchasing this as a form of support as I move more fully into my mission and also as a means to bring this book to print. I am also working on my deck of cards which will be available soon.






I am grateful for the opportunity to have served you before and to serve you again when it is meant to happen!
May your day be filled with Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Angel Blessings.

All My Love

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